Former Divorcee Blows the Lid Off the Corruption, Scandals and Bias Plaguing
Men in Today’s Courtrooms…

ATTENTION: Men Dealing With Or On the Verge of Divorce… Read This Page ONLY If You Want to Save Thousands in Legal Fees While Getting the Best Possible Outcome for Your Case

From: Matt O'Connell

Subject: How I Won a Bitter Divorce Case… And You Can Too!

Listen, I don’t have to tell you how very cruel and devastating a divorce can be. Financially. Mentally. Emotionally.

The life you’ve lived up until this point is about to be turned on its head, punched in the gut, then kicked down a flight of stairs.

I get it … I know. Because I’ve been there too. I’ve asked myself those same tough questions and I came to two very disappointing solutions:

  • Hire a divorce attorney at $150-$200+ per hour
  • Or try to follow all the piecemeal legal advice you’ve gotten from well-meaning friends, family and court TV shows.

STOP Everything and Listen

You don’t have to do either of those things – because they aren’t the only answers.

What I’m about to show is GUARANTEED to save you thousands of dollars in legal fees and get you the best possible outcome for your unique case. It’s 100% legal, 100% actionable and you can get started immediately.

Divorce book

It’s called "No BS DIvorce Strategies For Men". This detailed 190 page guide walks you through every step of the divorce process from start to finish and gives you insightful, real-world steps to take at every point in your case.

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Because this guide is delivered electronically, you can start learning everything you need to know about successfully managing your unique case, from preliminary filings to final statements, just minutes from now.

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Think you can go it alone?

Want to try to manage your divorce settlement yourself?

I thought I could handle it, too. I was convinced there was no way I was going to pay an overblown stuffed-shirt some $200+ an hour just so my ex could walk away with everything I owned and everything I loved – including my son and daughter.

But let me ask you …

Do You Know What to Do in These Complicated Legal Situations?

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Of course, after reading those scenarios, you might shrug your shoulders and think…

“I’m Not Worried… I Already Have a Lawyer”

But you SHOULD be worried – because your divorce lawyer is going to charge you up to two hundred dollars an hour not only to answer your questions but also entangle you with costly, time-consuming roadblocks designed to run up your bill.

Don’t believe me? Then consider this:

Your lawyer isn’t getting paid on whether he wins or loses your case. They don’t even care whether you win or lose, because chances are after your divorce is settled, you’re not going to be needing their services again (or at least, I hope not!).

So that lawyer is going to file briefs and file motions (which rarely get read or acted upon) and generally squeeze every drop of time they can out of your wallet. That’s on top of whatever financial issues get negotiated in the actual divorce (such as alimony or child support).

Not only is it like a financial kick in the groin, it’s a mind-numbing kick in the teeth.

Want to Keep More of Your Hard-Earned Money in YOUR Pocket, Instead?

"No BS Divorce Strategies For Men" can make it happen – and you can start using this invaluable advice right away. Even if you already have a lawyer and you’re happy with them, I can show you how to make sure they work hard for their money – just like you do.

In fact, just minutes from now, you’ll discover

  • How to force your lawyer to work more efficiently on the things that can actually bring your divorce settlement to an easy, fair and quick resolution (This is the kind of stuff NO attorney is going to tell you – but it will save you THOUSANDS). Pages 35-37.

  • How to calculate realistic, reliable child support payments in minutes – right down to the exact cent. Know what you owe and be able to step up to your responsibilities with confidence (this will throw HER divorce attorney for a loop!) Pages 125-127.

  • How to uncover deep-seated bias, corruption and distrust in the courtroom, and why men unfairly get the short (pointed and barbed) end of the stick when it comes to divorce and child custody. Know what to expect - and how to turn the results in your favor with these little-known tricks.

  • Want full custody of your child? Then DON’T Say This… You’d think it would put the odds in your favor, but it will just add more fuel to her lawyer’s fire – and it could land you in a lot of hot water.

"No BS Divorce Strategies For Men" is filled with over 190 pages of honest, straightforward, no-holds-barred divorce truths and step-by-step actions any man can take to get the best possible results – no matter what your divorce situation.

And, since it’s just $49.95, you can download it right now and save yourself hundreds or even THOUSANDS of dollars with a divorce lawyer --

In fact, I’ll even go a step farther to give you the…

Ordering Online is Safe and Secure

Placing an order online is quick, secure and convenient. Just minutes from now you’ll be able to save the entire guide right to your computer, notebook or smartphone for easy reading.

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This information is confidential and secure at all times and neither I, nor your credit card processor will have access to your financial details once you checkout. Your credit card statement will reflect a charge from Authorize.net.

“I Was Sure I’d Lose My Daughter, My Home, and the Shirt Off My Back – Until I Read Page 30”

Men everywhere are talking about No BS Divorce Strategies For Men, and it’s no surprise why. Once you see the detailed, step-by-step, easy to follow tips and tactics outlined in this do it yourself guide, you’ll feel more confident, determined and ready for whatever her lawyer can throw at you!

Divorce Advice

Divorce Advice for men

This isn’t just about you, her, your family or your possessions. It’s about getting equal justice, fair representation and making sure your self-serving lawyer doesn’t siphon off fistfuls of your cash for his new yacht.

Remember you get a full 6 months to try out all this information, with absolutely no risk. Don’t think it will work for you? Just let me know and the money’s yours.

It’s that simple.

But I’m confident once you see just how much helpful the information I’ve poured into this 190-page guide is you’ll be convinced it was the best investment you’ve ever made in getting your life back on track.

I guarantee it.

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To Your Legal Success

P.S. I am not a lawyer, but I do know how to help you save money on yours. Imagine stuffing your pockets with an extra $200 every hour you save by not having a bunch of useless filings and briefings made that go straight into the circular file.

I can show you exactly what you or your lawyer needs to say and do to get you the best possible results for your unique case. And for only $49.95, it’s a small cost that can make a huge difference.

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