Alimony Definition
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Alimony Definition

If you're facing the prospect of paying alimony let's start by giving you an alimony definition before looking at why it came about and how it may effect you.

Alimony or Spousal Support is an allowance to support your ex-wife (made under a court order) toward you if you've been the primary income earner during the marriage. It can be granted without a divorce, when it's between legally separated people.

Why Alimony Exists

According to the law, the purpose is to avoid unfair economic compensation after a Divorce, even after all the property is divided and any Child Support is given to your ex-wife.

The words origin is from the Latin "alimonia" which means to nourish and the first case was reported in Nevada, in a divorce in the late 19th century.

How Alimony Can Affect You

Let's begin by saying by definition there are two distinct forms of Spousal Support. They are the usual monthly payments type and the other is the less common one time Lump sum payment.

Now which type is best for you depends in large part on your unique situation. What you need to do is analyze your options and take the one which is best for you, because every situation is different.

What you want to avoid is making the mistake of not knowing there are two options. So first, get the facts of your situation and develop a solid strategy, because it is entirely possible you can negotiate it down to nothing.

One thing to consider when looking at both options is that monthly payments are tax deductible to you if you go that route. That means they're also part of the taxable income of your ex-wife So, there can be tax advantages to paying alimony, even if in your case a judge wouldn't award it to your ex.

Your best option is to get creative and negotiate it as part of your overall divorce settlement.


When the marriage ends, many women look to cash in that insurance policy in the form of alimony. There are always things men can do to reduce or even eliminate alimony.

You can win alimony battles if you use a proven strategy and know how the game is played; often without going to court. With a good strategy, it's possible to negotiate your alimony down to zero!

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Alimony differs from child support, in that it is not regulated and is purely up to you and your spouse to negotiate payments, if any. However if you fail to reach deal with your ex, the judge in your case will decide an amount for you.

So we've given you an alimony definition, why it exists, and what you can do in your given situation.


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