Alimony Guidelines
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Alimony Guidelines

Let's start by saying there are no specific documented alimony guidelines in any of the 50 states.

However, because there is no documentation a Court can apply, what has resulted is that judges use particular parameters to help them in deciding about alimony and any possible amount.

Up to now courts have not been able to settle on specifically when alimony should be paid and how to calculate any resulting payments. As an alternative, it's left to the judgment of the Court to determine if the divorcee meets certain criteria.

Generally the largest aspect judges take into account when determining spousal support is the inequality of income between you and your spouse.

That criterion usually consists of the following:

  • Difference in Income, if any
  • Your Property
  • Your Children
  • Length of the marriage
  • Education of the two parties
  • Any pre-nup agreement
  • Who, if anyone, is at fault for the divorce

After reviewing the above criteria, chances are good you'll feel you're in the unfortunate position to pay spousal support. However, since the above are not alimony guidelines, you won't know for sure the Court would determine for your ex-wife.

If the court does reward your ex with spousal support, you can talk with a lawyer to appeal the court's decision. To enhance your chances of not making or reducing any payments, it's critical you build a very solid case.

And here's why.

Men in the same situation can pay drastically different amounts when it comes to alimony. So why do some men get excellent alimony agreements and others don't?

More often than not, it's comes down to your strategy and how solid is your case, because ultimately it's not your income or finances that determine any payments.


When the marriage ends, many women look to cash in that insurance policy in the form of alimony. There are always things men can do to reduce or even eliminate alimony.

You can win alimony battles if you use a proven strategy and know how the game is played; often without going to court. With a good strategy, it's possible to negotiate your alimony down to zero!

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Your strategy and approach determine how much, if any, alimony you owe - much more than either your or your ex-wife's financial situation.

Now, there are actions you can take in regard to spousal support. By applying common sense and using some simple but very effective strategies is your best protection.

At its simplest, your case should be built around providing evidence that your ex-wife can get by on the amount you feel is fair based on her ability to work, not on her defined financial need.

You can do this by providing documentation of her income or job posting she would be qualified for and the level of income those jobs would provide to her.

All of this helps the Court understand how much money she really can get by on and maintain a reasonable standard that doesn't bankrupt you.

So, as we stated in the beginning, there are no set alimony guidelines, however by having a proven strategy and solid case you can use that to your advantage.


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