Who Qualifies for Alimony
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Who Qualifies For Alimony

The scariest thing about divorce isn't that she's going or that she's taking the goldfish with her, it's her asking for alimony. But then again, there really might not be anything to worry about if she doesn't know who qualifies for alimony.

Can your ex get it in the first place?

Alimony is a pretty tricky subject; laws that specify who qualifies for alimony are few and far between. Most decisions are discretionary – that is, they're subjective – with the judge often having the final say in the matter.

There are some factors, though, that could help you predict ahead of time who qualifies for alimony – and if your ex is one of them.

How long did the relationship last? Laws differ from state to state, but many jurisdictions have a minimum length of time before your alimony case will even be considered in court. Find this out with your own local courts and see if her case will even fly.

Lifestyle is the primary consideration when a judge decides in an alimony case. Can both of you be reasonably expected to maintain the lifestyles you had when you were married?

The judge typically awards the case to the partner with lower earning capacity (an award known as rehabilitative money), because maintaining the lifestyle is the primary reason why alimony exist in the first place.

What did your ex do for a living while you were together? This is another major consideration of the courts because they want to leave her able to work and earn money on her own.


When the marriage ends, many women look to cash in that insurance policy in the form of alimony. There are always things men can do to reduce or even eliminate alimony.

You can win alimony battles if you use a proven strategy and know how the game is played; often without going to court. With a good strategy, it's possible to negotiate your alimony down to zero!

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If she was a full-time housewife or student at the end of the relationship, it's very likely a judge would award alimony to her, at least until she gets to finish a course and then join the workforce.

The best thing to do when the threat of alimony looms is to go out and ask a local court or lawyer. They'll be able to advise you on who qualifies for alimony, especially considering the niceties of the law in your jurisdiction.


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