Child Custody for Fathers
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The Child Custody For Fathers

Child custody for fathers has often been referred to as a minefield. One wrong step and your quest for custody is blown to sky high; and the mines are often impossible to avoid...unless you already know where they are.

Navigating the child custody minefield is especially difficult for fathers.

The fathers custody process is one of the most frustrating processes you'll ever encounter. The fact is; gender bias and corruption are deeply ingrained in the child custody process.

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The legal system in the US is based on a practice known as common law; you're Innocent until proven guilty. Much of the rest of the world is based on Napoleonic law; you're guilty as accused the the burden is on you to prove your innocence.

Though no court will ever admit it, the fact is that most Family courts in the US are based on the Napoleonic law when it comes to child custody for fathers.

Most fathers that have been through the process learned this the hard way.

So how does the child custody process work? There are two versions:

1. The version that is made public

2. The way the system really works

The public perception is that when two divorcing parents can't agree on custody; a wise person known as a custody evaluator will meet with the parents, the children, and reach a recommendation using a defined set of principals issues by the state as to which parent is more likely to raise happy successful children.

Everybody is the system is wise and fair. Every state has child custody guidelines of what they look for in a primary custodial parent. This is the perception that is portrayed on television shows to an unsuspecting public.

The reality of the process for fathers is radically different however. In reality, you'll be assigned a custody evaluator by the county.

This custody evaluator will be a radical feminist, likely an active member of N.O.W.

Either way, when it comes to fathers custody; you're case is often settled before it ever starts.

Not convinced?

Conduct this simple test. I challenge you to find custody evaluation results for your city, county, or state.

1. 50% of people fighting for custody of their children are fathers. That's a fact

2. What percentage of fathers are awarded custody? This information is never published because it's so shamefully low. Probably less than 10%.

If the system is so fair; why are so few fathers awarded custody?

Many fathers try think they can counter the bias and corruption of the system by hiring an expensive high power, high priced attorney.

Unfortunately this rarely works because it is the custody evaluator that has all the power, not your attorney. The judges almost always defer to the judgment of the custody evaluator.

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