Filing For Child Custody
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Filing for Child Custody

Filing for child custody is a straight forward process; winning on the other hand is an entirely different matter.

The actual legal process to file for child custody is a fairly simple one.

Anybody engaged in a divorce can walk into their local county family law courthouse and file a motion.

Many people hire a lawyer to file the paperwork for them. Regardless, how to file for child custody is easy. To learn more, Click Here.

The nightmare often begins after you file.

There are two very different views of a custody battle.

The official state view fed to an unsuspecting public that child custody is a fair process where "wise" highly trained experts working for the government will meet with you, your wife, and your children.

They'll gather the facts and apply a set of standards to determine which of you is the better parent and with whom the children have the best chance of success.

Just ask anybody that has never been through a custody battle. They'll tell you this is how it works.

In reality, some militant feminist will ignore the facts use the custody investigation as nothing but an opportunity to build a case against you...the father.

How did the system become so gender biased? Back in the 1970's, the abortion rights movement rallied women around a cause.

The feminist group the National Organization of Women emerged a formidable political force. Filing for child custody was changed forever.

The National Organization for Women, known as N.O.W. has money, millions of members, and political clout. The politicians at both the national and state level listen to them.

They can't afford not to. Since the politicians at your statehouse write the divorce laws, N.O.W. has great influence over how those laws get written, which judges get appointed, and most importantly, who gets hired to be a custody evaluator to decided custody in your case.

In all likelihood, a representative of N.O.W. hand picked the custody evaluator that will decide your custody case.

What about hiring a great lawyer to fight your custody battle?

If only it was that simple.

The fact is that once child custody has been filed, your lawyer is irrelevant. All the power is with the custody evaluator, not your high priced attorney.

Your attorney is powerless in this case. So why to so many lawyers take on child custody battles? Because filing for child custody is one of the most profitable areas of divorce.

Child custody battles are time consuming and take months. Since divorce lawyers are paid on time spent, not results, they can run up many billable hours over the course of a custody battle.

These are hours that you'll have to pay for even if your lawyer produces no results.

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