Cost of Child Custody
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Cost of Child Custody

The key word of modern, urban life is competition. Not only does this competition exist in our social relationships, but our personal relationships as well.

In fact, the decision of who gets to retain the custody of the child after a divorce has turned into a battle between two sides that must be won.

In this process, the need of the child, that is, a healthy and loving relationship with both parents is neglected.

However, expensive child litigation is, it is always advisable to go to court, fully prepared with evidence and the law on your side. One must be well equipped with information and evidence, if the choice is made to represent your own case.

The depiction of such cases on various television programs is misleading.


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Child litigation is a long drawn and often a very stressful process for the parent as well as the child, who has developed the sensitivity to be deeply troubled by the incident.

Although, it might seem difficult, but talking over and agreeing on some of the issues with the other parent helps in reducing the stress as well as the fees of the attorney. Also, it makes the procedures in court much smoother.

The amount of child support award payment is calculated from different aspects, taking into account the income of the parents, the size of the family, the age group of the children, basic living expenses and special needs like treatment of a terminal illness or any kind of handicap of the child.

This payment is distributed in various ways. In some cases, where the non-custodial parent is responsible for specific expenses, for example, paying the school fees, he or she may pay it directly or through the custodial parent.

In other cases, the non-custodial parent must, at first pay to the state government or the child support enforcement agency of the state.

This payment is recorded and subsequently a certain amount from the payment is subtracted to reimburse the government, if required. The custodial parent receives the rest of the payment either through checks or through direct deposit.

The current welfare status of a payee determines who the first payee for child support will be. If, for instance, the custodial parent receives a monthly check from the government, all current support collected during that month is paid to the government so that the money paid to the custodial parent can be reimbursed.

In case of families who were formerly on assistance, it is only after the current support is received by them that the government may collect additional payments to reimburse itself for the assistance given previously to the custodial parent.

These are the basic points that are to be kept in mind when considering the child custody costs.

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