Child Custody
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Child Custody

"Fathers don't deserve custody of their is children that deserve to have fathers"

It is a documented fact that children suffer when fathers get pushed out of children's lives. Years of government and private research proves this. Just look at some of the facts:

Children growing up in fatherless homes are:

  • Five times more likely to commit suicide
  • 32 times more likely to run away
  • 20 times more likely to have behavioral disorders
  • 14 times more likely to commit rape
  • 9 times more likely to drop out of high school
  • 10 times more likely to abuse drugs
  • 9 times more likely to end up in a state operated institution
  • 20 times more likely to end up in prison

It is imperative that you remain involved in your children's lives...even if your ex-wife is trying to push you out. Study after study confirms that fatherless homes destroy children. If you've ever been a victim of a crime, chances are you can thank a single mother. More than 95% of the criminals in jail today we raised in fatherless homes. The link between fatherless homes and dysfunctional children is indisputable.

Fathers should not have to fight in court and pay thousands of dollars simply to maintain the same level of contact they had with their children before the divorce

In most cases, family court automatically assumes that the mother is the better parent even when all the evidence proves otherwise? Everyday crack-whores and and unfit mothers are granted full custody of children over the objections of a fit father. Every day in courts across the country, fathers are forced to pay thousands in legal fees and spend months in court just to remain involved in their children's lives.

The facts clearly show, that is the children that suffer most from these gender biased policies.

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