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Child Support Calculations

Calculating your child support obligation to the penny is easy. But smart men don't merely do child support calculations; they apply the right strategy to minimize their child support obligation. minimizing your child support easy once you know how.

It's no different than using the right tax strategy to lower your income taxes by utilizing every tax deduction you can. It's not illegal; it's smart.

Men that don't take advantage of every loophole generally end up paying much more than they should.

Few men think about taxes during a divorce. An effective tax strategy should be the cornerstone of any divorce; especially one with children. Don't ignore the tax effect of your divorce.

Who will claim the children as tax dependants in the future? Which parent will deduct daycare and medical costs? Leaving tax issues to chance could cost you thousands per year in lost tax deductions. Don't get so caught up in the little things that you forget to address the tax implications.

Simple yet effective strategies get results. For example: Tell your ex-wife that you'll pay $25 per month in additional child support if you can claim "head of household" on your income tax return. Chances are she'll place more value on the $25 than she will being able to let you check a box on your IRS tax return.

Paying any extra $25 in child support will cost you an extra $300 per year. But claiming the "head of household" exemption on your tax return will save you thousands of dollars each year! Smart!

There are many simple strategies like this that few men apply. Only a fool would leave money like this on the table. Don't count on your lawyer to tell you about these strategies.

Lawyers go before the same judges every week and can't be seen cheating single mothers out of thousands week after week. Contributor Matt O'Connell, a divorced man himself, knows how important it is to do your child support calculations correctly and minimize your support obligation by using every loophole available.

He's been the leading divorce expert on the internet since 2005.

Over the years, he's helped thousands of men take advantage of every loophole in the system to minimize their child support obligations and pay as little as legally possible.

The fact is that lawyers will change $200 per hour to calculate your child support. Matt can show you how to do run your own child support calculations in about ten minutes and then show you how to do something that lawyers won't.

He'll show you how to apply proven strategies to reduce your child support to the lowest amount possible.

He's recently created detailed instructions that gets guaranteed results, in the form of an action guide that will walk you through every step of the process in great detail.

A lawyer will change you up to $200 an hour and take many hours to reduce your child support. The lawyer will take several weeks and thousands of dollars to get results. Lawyers also will not guarantee their advice.

If you want to calculate your child support then use proven techniques to reduce it as low as legally possible, we suggest you take a serious look into"No BS Strategies for Reducing Child Support"


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