Child Support Percentage
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Child Support Percentage

When you first went to court over child support payments you probably were handed a court order that denoted what your child support percentage is for the following six months.

Rather you agreed with this statement or not you might be surprised to learn that it is either inflated or that if you are not careful the percentage will increase six months from now.

The last one is a shock for most men, and if you have encountered this shock or want to prevent it you need to learn how your child support percentage is calculated to protect yourself.

Initially, your percentage is calculated based on your current wages, your gross adjust income, shared responsibility with children from the relationship, and hardships.

However, the DA will usually try to inflate your settlement with the hope of getting the maximum payment possible regardless of what this payment may do to your standard of living.

Often times men sign documents out of pressure that are largely inflated because they are not aware of hardships, shared time benefits, and other financial responsibilities that may aid in presenting a more affordable figure based on current wages.

This is one reason why hiring a lawyer who is reputable is essential in receiving a child support percentage that you can actually afford. However, even a lawyer is not enough as they are not as aware of your situation in the same manner you are.

Most times you will be expected to contribute anywhere between 20-25% of your income to child support with the number increasing by the number of children you are alleged to support. This figure can be intimidating to a minimum wage worker or someone who is unemployed.

Even if you are receiving governmental aid you may see an outlandish child support percentage in six months.

The DA will automatically move to increase your child support percentage in six months even after a payment plan has been disbursed due to the belief that in six months you have bettered your situation.

Thus, you may find yourself in danger of losing your license for failure to pay if you do not approach the court with your current situation for child support percentage figures you can afford.

The simple approach that you need to learn is that it is always in your best interests to stay a step ahead of your child support payments and adjustments because the DA will be right behind you demanding more if you do not act promptly and consistently.

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