Divorce Lawsuit
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Divorce Lawsuit

A divorce lawsuit isn't where you want to start, because taking your wife to court should be a last resort, not a goal.

A divorce lawsuit is the last place you want to find yourself, even if you're the one driving the disagreement.

We've all driven past the guardrail on the highway. If you need it; it's only because somebody screwed up.

Either you screwed up and crashed into it or somebody else screwed up and forced you into it.

If you maintain control of your car, you'll never come in contact with the guardrail. If you lose control of your car and go skidding off the road, you'll likely hit the guardrail.

Court should be though of like a guardrail on the highway.

If you're involved in a divorce lawsuit and end up in court, it's only because you lost control and skidded into court or an unreasonable wife forced you into court.

We've all been conditioned by the lawyer shows on TV that we need to hire a lawyer and sue our spouse.

But a divorce lawsuit should be thought of as a failure, not an objective.

If your objective is to win in court rather than winning your divorce, you're using the wrong strategy. Men almost always lose in court.

You'll receive a much better settlement by avoiding court and negotiating your own settlement.

Winning strategies focus on results, not court battles. For a great divorce strategy focused on results not a divorce lawsuit; Click Here.

Your final divorce settlement will dictate how you live the rest of your life.

Will you lose all your assets and have to start life over broke?

Worse yet; will you lose all your assets and have to pay a high percentage of your future income in child support and/or alimony?

Will for 401K and retirement accounts be taken away or cut in half? Will she get the stuff while you get the debt on the credit cards?

If the IRS comes calling about a prior tax problem will you be solely responsible or will she be on the hook too?

Your divorce settlement will dictate how you live the rest of your life and your strategy will drive your settlement. It's that simple.

A winning strategy will result in a better life. A divorce lawsuit isn't a winning strategy.

A winning strategy focuses on end results of divorce, not the mechanics of the process and litigation in the courtroom.

A winning strategy uses proven tactics to get the things you want. A bad strategy focuses on procedure, state laws, what evidence should be presented in court, and how to find an aggressive attorney.


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