Free Advice On Divorce
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Free Advice On Divorce

The honeymoon has long been over and the arguments and tears are drawing to a close. The first thing to do is to get some free advice on Divorce.

No matter the circumstances surrounding a breakup it is always painful to go through and leaves everyone a little worse for wear.

One of things you can count on is the never-ending support group. With about half of all marriages ending in divorce, you won't be the only fish that's been through the school of sharks.

Everyone wants to share some free advice, some knowledge, and some opinions. Some of this free information you can use and put to work.

Be judicious and remember to think about the source of the words of wisdom before you take the advice to heart.

1. Get back out there and start dating- this is usually the last thing you want or need to do. Rebound romances can be as painful as the divorce.

2. Spend time with your kids-Don't neglect your children and if you and your ex are on fairly decent terms, make it an all-inclusive event.

3. Resist the urge to cast blame and judge-even if your spouse was the southernmost part of a northern bound horse, let it go and accept what has happened.

4. Depression-this is common and it may end up being mild and transient or it could begin to take over your life. See a counselor for a few weeks. Just get grounded and let them help you release the anger, pain, and frustration.

5. Lawyers-If your spouse gets a pit bull on her side, you go get the pit bull's big brother, and don't divorce there is no such word as TRUST.

6. Stay on top of your monetary obligations, even if you don't like it. If you are ordered to pay maintenance and/or child support, do it. The kids are your responsibility and the government plays hardball with deadbeat dads.

7. Splurge-Get a new haircut, new shoes and a new look. Consider this your new life and you are going to make it great.

8. Organization-Don't trust the other side. Keep records of taxes, bills, credit reports, child support payments, and any other written agreements. You might be tempted to chuck it all, but don't. Hold on to all records for at least 5 years just in case questions or accusations come up.

9. Separate- Even before the divorce if the offer to share the house arises, head for a hotel. If you thought marriage could be tough, trying to share a home with your soon to be ex during or after a divorce is a bad idea.

10. Guilt- there's enough of that to go around. Don't let anyone put more guilt trips on you.


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