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Divorce Facts

Divorce facts in the US are not always clear. The divorce industry doesn't really want all the divorce facts to be public.

Why? Because many people working in the divorce industry have hidden agenda's.

For example, many women working in the court system are militant feminists working to impose their feminist agenda.

They're not interested in the reasons for divorce or fairness.

People often ask about the causes of divorce, but few people really want to know the truth.

Most men just hire a lawyer, stick their heads in the sand, and then scream when it all goes wrong in the end.

The fact is that law firms make billions of dollars from the current system. Most divorce lawyers make hundreds of dollars per hour.

Lawyers are paid only on time; not by the result. Therefore, they have no vested interest in the outcome of your divorce, they only care about increasing the billable hours they spend on your case.

The higher the divorce rates and the longer yours takes, the more hours, the higher the conflict, the more money they make.

Whether you win or lose your divorce has no relevance to them.

They don't care about the outcome because none of their compensation is dependent on the outcome and odds are you're never going to be a repeat customer anyway.

So you're entering a system where militant feminists dominate the court system and the legal industry makes billions with no accountability.

These are the facts. You couldn't dream up a better breading ground for corruption.

It's no wonder than so many men get screwed by the system and end up with a lousy divorce settlement as a result.

You don't want to be one of these men.

So how did the system become so corrupt? In a word...abortion. Back in the 1970's, the abortion issue galvanized women's rights groups.

The National Organization of Women, known as N.O.W. emerged particularly strong. N.O.W. had money, millions of loyal members, and political clout.

When N.O.W. spoke, politicians listened. Who makes the laws in your state regarding divorce? The elected politicians.

Who do these politicians listen to? The leaders of N.O.W. have dictated divorce polices in all 50 states for decades.

But this divorce fact is not well known. As a result, we now have a divorce system that is grossly unfair to men.

Some divorce statistics are well known; such as 50% of marriages end in divorce or 70% of second marriages fail.

Women file 85% of divorces, women are most likely to file for divorce when the oldest child reaches age 7. The facts you won't see are the percentage of fathers awarded custody.

You'll never see that divorce fact published anywhere. Your lawyers win/loss record. That is never reported or published.

Do what's you're best defense?

Know the true divorce facts and use a proven winning strategy to get results in your divorce.

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