Protect Your Assets During Divorce
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Protect Your Assets During Divorce

A divorce is a nasty affair and knowing how to protect your assets during divorce is critical. Typically the two of you are at each other's throats, as you fight over who gets what and who paid for what, and even what child gets to stay with whom.

With so much turmoil, it can scare any man into thinking he may lose most, or all, of what you've worked so hard to achieve.

You want to protect your assets such as money, the house, the boat, or even just the car; because these are yours and you don't have to just sit around as you're soon to be ex-wife cleans you out.

Every man facing divorce should know how to protect his assets and his financial future so that he doesn't find himself divorced as well as penniless.

Speak to a Lawyer

The first and foremost you'll want to do is hire a good divorce attorney. A divorce attorney will know the state and local laws as they pertain to your assets.

He or she will likely have you create a list of all the assets the two of you own. This is typically when value amounts will be assigned to each item so that you have a general idea of what your total assets are worth.

Then, an action plan will be formed where you will systematically secure every single piece of property you own so that she doesn't get everything she thinks she's entitled to.

Secure Everything at Home

When people talk about how to protect your assets during divorce, they typically think of the house and the car. But nobody really considers that the home is filled with assets that couples routinely fight over during a divorce. Furniture, clothes, jewelry, art; these things should be secured so that your wife cannot come to the house and take them.

If you are the one staying elsewhere, you may want to plan a time when she's at work, or somewhere else, so that you can take what's rightfully yours.

Put what you can in a safe deposit box or give them to a friend or family member you trust. You should make it so that she has no idea where your assets are. That way, she can't prove that you have them at all.

Close Accounts

If you and your wife have joint credit cards or joint bank accounts, consider closing them. That way, she won't have access to that money and you'll essentially be able to protect most of the money you have.

If you have investments jointly, close those accounts as well. You can always start again on your own once everything calms down.

But for right now protect your assets during divorce, because you don't want to give her any chance to clean you out before anything is even finalized.

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