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Divorce Book Review - "No BS Divorce Strategies For Men"

The divorce book, "No BS Divorce Strategies For Men" was initially published in May of 2005 and at that time was the first book on-line devoted to getting men get through a divorce as quickly and cheaply as possible.

The guide has been updated four times.

Divorce bookIt's written by Matt O'Connell who says on his web page he, "had one of the most complex divorces in his states history."

Being an analyst by trade, O'Connell says he took a logical and systematic approach to understanding how the divorce process really works and put his analysis and recommendations down in a 191 page guide.

The book presents a unique look at how the divorce process works and how men can "win their divorce" without spending a small fortune, have it drag on for months, and end it with dignity and a positive outlook.

The level of information, facts about the various people involved in divorce situations, and techniques and strategies contained inside is surprising for an online book.

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The fact O'Connell's book about divorce has been updated four times and is easily found on Google after 5 years, given the number of "here today, gone tomorrow" men's divorce ebooks of the last few years, should provide comfort that the information he provides must work.

What’s Covered?

There’s an impressive depth of information and candor in the 191 pages of No BS Divorce Strategies For Men.

The book starts with a section on his views on women and how the information he presents can help you get through a divorce quickly, less expensively, and with more dignity and knowledge than the vast majority of men facing divorce.

Following the introductory sections, O'Connell goes into what he calls the "brutal truth" about divorce and what lies ahead of you if you're not prepared.

One thing making this one different than other books on divorce was that every section ended with a "Here's what you want to do" closing paragraph.. In these paragraphs O'Connell gives you specific action(s) you can take to accomplish the divorce goals he spells out in the introduction.

In the section on Getting a lawyer, O'Connell makes a strong case for not being taken in by the firm's "Rain Maker." His suggestion on the type of lawyer you want is radical, but his analysis of why to go with that type makes perfect sense and almost guarantees you'll spend a lot less money.

The Child Custody section is 35 pages and covers the topic with surprising depth and clarity. One of the best parts of this section is his analysis of the Custody Evaluation process, the people you'll deal with, and how to get the best outcome possible.

Other selected topics in this section are; the hidden costs of a custody battle, joint custody, and advantages of the non-custodial parrent. These are areas covered in most books on divorce.

Weapons Available to Women section gives you a solid grounding in the most common "dirty tricks" women can pull when they've initiated the divorce. The "hot tip" he suggests if you get hit with an Order For Protection is so obvious, I'll bet most men never think of it.

In the Money Matters of Divorce section he goes through Alimony and Child Support and gives excellent tips and strategies.. His example illistrates how you can determine how much you may or may not need to payout and what you can do to reduce both.

The section How Lawyers Profit from your divorce is a great example of why you need to manage your lawyer - and throughout this guide O'Connell shows you with strategies, tips, and examples exactly how to mange them.

Child support-joint or split custody is a solid section, but the one that's probably worth the price of this guide alone is the section called, Divorce, Taxes, and the IRS.

This section is where O'Connell's background as an analyst really shows, because there's more information in this section than many money management books or other books about divorce.

He illustrates many of the parts of this section which will help any man going through a divorce think through their situatuion and those tax situaitons that apply.

I'd bet very few men, given the emotional roller coaster their on during a divorce even think of the things in this section, which is what makes it so valuiable. An IRS example he uses from his life is amazing in what women can get away with if you're not paying attention.


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Where You Can Find "No BS Divorce Strategies For Men"

This divorce book for men is available for $49.95 as a downloadable ebook.

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