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Divorce - How To Get What You Want

A successful divorce begins with great divorce advice. Too many men think that divorce is a lawsuit. It's not! Too many men think they need to hire a lawyer and sue somebody in court. They don't!

The fact is that men get the best results when they approach their divorce like a business negotiation. To the state, marriage is nothing more than a contract. Divorce is nothing more than the dissolution of that contract.

If you want to win your divorce, approach it like a business deal, not a lawsuit.

Unfortunately, the most common divorce tactic is also the worst: Giving an attorney a retainer fee and hoping for the best never works. If it did, the rich and famous guys in Hollywood and pro athletes would never lose.

Yet we know these men get fleeced all the time. Why do you think your results will be any better? Are you going to hire a better attorney?

It's OK to use an attorney as long as you know how the system works and you know how to manage your attorney effectively. The problem is that few men know how to do this. They don't know how the system really works until it's too late.

If you don't control the process, the process will control you.

Another common myth is that a divorce has to cost thousands of dollars. Men that get the best settlements generally spend no more that a few hundred dollars. How do they do this? They divorce smart. They have a good plan and follow a proven strategy that gets results.

Too many men enter their divorce without a good plan and pay dearly in the end. Unfortunately, men that don't take control of every aspect of their divorce are left to the mercy of lawyers and the courts. They become victims of the system.

When it comes to facing Divorce, many men believe winning in court is how you win your Divorce - and unfortunately, 90% of those men learn that nothing could be further from the truth.

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The only way for a man to win his divorce and get a fair settlement is for him to take total control. This doesn't mean that you have to become a legal expert or do everything yourself. No. You simply need to follow a proven winning strategy that gets results.

Men often ignore the common sense strategies like:

Taking advantage of tax deductions during their divorce.

Insisting that a portion of your child support go the the child's college savings account instead of your ex-wife's pocket. Your ex-wife will hate it, but your kids and the courts will love the idea.

The courts often require that you carry an expensive life insurance policy to cover alimony or child support payments. Most men don't realize that social security benefits already do this. Drop the expensive policy; you're already covered!

In a custody battle, men often argue why they deserve to have the children. This never works. Explaining why the children deserve to live with their father will have a much better impact. It's all in the approach.

These strategies are simple, free, and effective.

By using winning strategies and common sense tactics, you can often reduce or eliminate alimony or child support. But you'll never hear about tactics like these from your attorney or the courts. They make billions when men like you follow the traditional losing strategies.

Getting a divorce is never easy. But if your follow proven strategies that gets results, you'll come out way ahead.

Don't trust an attorney to win your divorce. Don't go it alone unless you know what you're doing and have a winning strategy.