Divorce and Mediation
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The Importance of Divorce and Mediation

Going through a divorce is nothing to get excited about or rejoice over. In most cases a divorce and mediation can have a huge impact on either party's lives from the moment it's considered all the way to when it is made final and all signatures and agreements have been met.

When a divorce is considered and two parties are on a level in which they can talk to each other, than the option of hiring a mediator to handle the outcome is important to think about.

Deciding who will take ownership of personal material items and assets and who may retain custody of any children can be made simpler and helped to move a little faster and a little smoother with the help of a mediator.


When it comes to facing Divorce, many men believe winning in court is how you win your Divorce - and unfortunately, 90% of those men learn that nothing could be further from the truth.

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When hiring a mediator for a divorce case they are used mainly for both parties as they act in a neutral manner helping both sides come to a point of resolve in a number of issues that the couple may have.

Hiring a mediator can be cost efficient which is great since going through a divorce in most cases is not cheap. Cases that are sent through the courts with lawyers will cost both parties which is out of pocket for the cost of the courts, their lawyers and any extra legal fees that the court wishes to administer.

When going through mediation the process is similar in certain aspects. For instance discussions are rendered and information is gathered so the authorities can make a decision faster and more practically.

Often times the question arises about whether a mediator is a lawyer. The answer to that question is yes, typically. Mediators are similar to lawyers in that they know the law and the laws of the area that take precedent in the state in which the divorce is occurring.

It is their job to let both parties know what is at stake within their divorce mediation and what consequences may be taken if things get out of hand-which may send it to the courts to allow a judge to make the decisions.

While delegating over whether or not to use a mediator it is important to know there will be a written agreement in most cases that says the two parties agree to use a mediator.

The first step in divorce and mediation, after agreeing to use a mediator, is to sit down and tell him or her standard and basic information.

Your personal information like name, address, date of marriage, separation and etc. will all be taken down as you begin to negotiate ownership of assets and belongings.


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