Divorce Mediation Checklist
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Divorce Mediation Checklist

With more people choosing mediation for settling their divorce, a successful mediation depends as much on the two of you as it does the mediator and having a divorce mediation checklist is critical to making the process effective.

A Divorce mediation is only going to be successful if both of you cooperate and are willing to compromise on difficult issues. We highly suggest that before getting into the mediation process the two of you discuss the issues you feel should go before the divorce mediator.

We suggest that course because a successful mediation is where the two of you can resolve all your disagreements and quickly move on to an uncontested divorce hearing.

The overall benefits of a mediated divorce agreement are, reduction in the emotional and financial stress the two of you are under,and an agreement both of you can live with going forward.

The preparation for your mediation involves writing down all the details because when you're prepared the mediator can get through the process very quickly.

The first step the two of you should go through is to prepare a divorce mediation checklist, which is designed to make sure nothing gets missed. The checklist is very handy when it comes to discussing the major issues with the mediator.

The purpose of the checklist is to make sure the divorce mediation is completed in a timely fashion and the final divorce agreement has each of thee issues decided on by the two of you.

Now, here are a few tips designed to help you prepare a divorce mediation checklist.

1. The checklist must include the major issues you plan to discuss with the mediator. Here are a few examples:

  • Child custody
  • Child Support - including education costs, healthcare, insurance, and any other miscellaneous costs
  • Visitation schedule for the children - throughout the year, as well as, holidays and vacation
  • Spousal Support
  • Division of property
  • Division of taxes
  • Division of insurance, pensions, etc.
  • Division of financial liability

2. The divorce checklist should include a description of all the marital property to be divided between the two of you.. The current market value of the property should be part of the checklist. Any details around buying or selling any property should also be included.

3. If the two of you have jointly taken out a loan or insurance policy make sure the checklist contains all the details.

4. You both should be prepared with financial details such as; gross and net salary, bank balance, credit card debt, loans and so on.

5. Go in with an open mind, because regardless of what took place up to this point, you can't change the past. Focus on the future and what you want out of the mediation so you can respond to any of the alternatives discussed during the mediation.

6. Be punctual. If the mediation is scheduled for the entire day, be on time so you take advantage of every minute.

The points listed above are basic components that should be part of your divorce mediation checklist. Feel free to look at other websites or divorce guides (such as the one we suggest below) for more specific advice about the mediation process and the importance of checklists.

If you're considering mediation and want more information as well as other effective strategies, we suggest you take a look at Matt O'Connell's best selling guide, "No BS Divorce Strategies for Men."


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