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Discover How to Hire and Manage an Attorney

One of the biggest divorce myths is that a high priced attorney will work the system on your behalf and get you a great result. That's an absolute pile of bull!

How many times have we heard about some some rich and famous guy getting taken to the cleaners buy his ex-wife? It happens all the time.  If high priced, high power attorneys are the solution, why do so many of these men get screwed?

Better yet, if so many rich and famous men hire high priced attorneys and still get screwed, what makes you think you're going to do any better with your $250 an hour attorney from the suburbs? 


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Do you really think your "average" no name attorney is going to get better results than the high power attorneys in Hollywood or New York?  Of course not!

Why to do many men follow this losing strategy that's doomed from the start? Because we've all been mislead by the TV shows.  On the TV shows, the mans attorney drags his ex-wife into court and exposes her as a greedy liar. 

The facts come out, the judge is so angry that he gives the man everything and sends the wife home broke and sobbing.

Unfortunately, divorce in the real world is nothing like on TV.In the real world, men get screwed all the time even when they hire best attorneys money can buy.  So what should you do?  You really only have three choices:

  1. Hire an attorney and let him run the show:  This is the most common strategy and also the worst. You'll almost certainly lose everything while making your attorney rich in the process.
  2. Represent yourself: Nobody knows your case better than your do, but you better know what you're doing. If you don't follow procedure, you could shoot yourself in the foot and lose everything.
  3. Use an attorney, but manage him carefully: If you use an attorney, you should have a winning strategy and manage your attorney. This doesn't mean that your attorney just keeps you informed; but rather this means you call the shots not him. You tell the attorney what to do. You remain in control of the process. You can leave the procedural details to your attorney.

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Nobody knows the facts of your case better than you. Nobody cares about winning your case more than you. But if you're not comfortable with the idea of representing yourself, then hiring an attorney isn't necessarily a bad idea, but letting your attorney run your divorce always is never a good idea.

If you hire an attorney, you should have specific goal goals for him to achieve. Never hire an attorney and let him manage your divorce. Men that do this always regret it.

Attorneys are paid by the hour, not on the outcome of your case. The more they work, the more they make. They have absolutely no incentive to win.

Think about it; divorce attorneys never guarantee their results and always demand payment upfront in the form of a retainer.

Why is that? Once you've paid the retainer fee, their only objective is to run up your hours, not to win your case.