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California Divorce Laws

California Divorce Laws aren't so complicated once you understand them, but can be very frustrating if you don't have a solid understanding of how the system works.

And it's a lack of understanding of how the laws work in real life that causes most of the frustration when it comes to divorce law.

If you're aggravated by the speed, outcome, or lack of information concerning your divorce, this is why.

If you're just starting your divorce, but don't fully understand how California Divorce Laws work, I guarantee you'll become frustrated with the process, even when using a lawyer.

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The starting point, before you begin going through the divorce process, should be to create a realistic approach projected to bring about the goals you feel are critical to you.

Next, you want to create procedures that will accomplish the goals you spelled out in your strategy - because focusing on what’s most important to you is job one.

You'll need to come to grips with common divorce issues like the following:

Splitting assets

To get the results you want and a fair divorce settlement, you can't avoid that list of items.

You must have a proven strategy to handle the specific issues in your divorce and then apply those tactics to the California Divorce Laws.

Anything short of that effort and you’ll have a maddening divorce process followed by an inequitable divorce agreement.

Regrettably, many men engage a attorney, let that lawyer do every facet of their divorce, and find they end up with a appalling result.

Why? Well, just look at the typical result.

The vast majority of men depend on a lawyer and end up discouraged and disillusioned.

Every day we see Hollywood rich and famous men take a shot to the “monetary” groin.

Given the outcome they get, what makes you think you’re result will be different?

Here's the deal: if winning your divorce only required hiring a good lawyer, rich and famous men would always win!

Yet most of them lose millions in the process.

With a fundamental knowledge of California Divorce Laws and how the system really works, you dramatically increase your chances of success.

You'll get better results when you set your strategy and let your lawyer handle the details.

Those men who take control of their divorce get a better result than those who leave everything to their lawyer.

One area of divorce often overlooked, are tax laws. How will you handle your taxes in the future?

You need to determine who claims any deduction for the kids and house? And, what if the IRS comes after you for any prior year adjustment?

Are you going to pay any adjustment all yourself or is your ex-wife on the hook for half? Are you going to write this into the divorce decree?

A good tax strategy is a critical aspect of any divorce and it's all too often overlooked.

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