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    Texas divorces are won or lost before you ever see a courtroom. To have a successful Texas divorce, you have to start with great divorce advice.

    Too many men believe a divorce is a lawsuit. Not true! Many of those same men think all they need to do is hire a crackshot lawyer and sue their ex in court.


    The fact is, men get the better results when their approach to divorce is the same as if it was a business negotiation.

    You see, to the state of Texas, your marriage is just a contract. Divorce is just the ending of the contract.

    So if you want to truly win your texas divorce, handle it just like a business transaction, not a lawsuit.

    Regrettably, the most common divorce tactic has been a total failure - giving an lawyer a retainer and thinking they'll handle everything as you want it done never works.

    If this tactic work as advertised, the rich and famous men in Hollywood, and at teh top of Corporations, as well as pro athletes wouldn't lose.

    Yet we read all the time how these men of money and means get fleeced.

    So what makes you think your results will be better?

    Are you going to hire a better hot shot lawyer than all their money did?

    See, it's okay to use an attorney, but you have to know how the system really works and how to effectively manage that lawyer.

    The problem is, very few men know how to do that, so they discover how the Texas divorce system really works when it's too late.

    Why? Because if you don't control the process, the process controls you.

    Here's another myth - divorce will cost you thousands of dollars.

    That's not true, because those few men that get the best settlements typically don't spend more than a few hundred bucks.

    How do they get by spending so little money? They divorce smart.

    They have a solid plan and then execute proven strategies that get them the results THEY want.

    Too many men go into a divorce with either no plan or a hope and a prayer and pay dearly for it.

    Unfortunately, the men who don't take control of every part of a divorce are at the mercy of their lawyer and the court.

    As you can guess - they become a victim of the system.

    The only way for you to win your divorce and get a fair settlement is to take total control.

    Now that doesn't mean you need to become a legal expert or do everything yourself.

    You take control by simply following a proven, winning strategies that gets results.

    Most men ignore common sense strategies like these four:

    These four strategies are simple, free, and they work!

    See, by using winning strategies and tactics steeped in common sense, you can many times reduce or eliminate alimony or child support.

    But unfortunately you won't hear these tactics from your lawyer or the court.

    Why? Because they make billions when men like you act like sheep and follow the same old, traditional losing strategies.

    No one ever said getting a divorce is easy. It isn't, but if your follow strategies proven to get results, you come out ahead of the game.

    So for Texas divorces, don't trust an attorney to win and don't go it alone unless you know what you're doing and have winning strategies on your side.

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