Divorce Case Evaluation
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Divorce Case Evaluation

Whether it was your idea, or if you were just handed papers, a divorce case evaluation will be able to guide you through the process and let you know your rights.

No matter how amicable your situation may be, it's important to having an advocate working on your side to protect the rights of you (and your children) to ensure that you understand the ramifications of your decisions.

Ensure that you hire an experinced advocate — there IS a big difference in cost to you between an advocate with actual divorce case experience and a lawyer who has simply handed off divorce cases to a paralegal to do the heavy lifting.

A divorce touches the most significant areas of your life, so you want someone with experience to handle it.

Just call the number below and I will evaluate your specific case, determine how we can best work together, and suggest appropriate actions we can take to get you a successful outcome..

Your privacy is as important to me and is it to you. I will never share the information below with anyone.


By arranging a divorce case evaluation, you will be able to initiate the process with a well-written petition. This document notifies the court that a divorce is being initiated, and also informs the court of what you are seeking, such as child support and division of your marital property.

If you are responding to a petition that was filed by your spouse, I can help you file a paper which will admit or deny any allegations that are contained in your spouse's petition.

At this time, we can also file a counterclaim or cross-petition, where you can raise issues that your spouse did not include in their petition.

Other facets of divorce cases—temporary orders, discovery, and settlement—all happen before your case actually goes to trial. If you have a good case, I can guide you through the process and look out for your interests.

By having a divorce case evaluation, you will have a better outcome. Without a detailed case evaluation, you will be going in to a trial without ammunition.

If you are heading for a divorce and want a Free case evaluation, call the number above for more information.