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Divorce Tactics

A good divorce begins with Great Divorce Advice. The best divorce advice you'll ever receive is to have a proven strategy and winning tactics.

Most men think that divorce tactics are complex and require an attorney. That isn't true.

The fact is that divorce is a business negation, not a lawsuit.

In a divorce, you get what you negotiate, not what you deserve.

The most common strategy is also the worst. Most men hire an attorney and hope for the best. This strategy almost never works.

Attorneys have no stake in your case. They have no incentive to win. They get paid by the hour, not by winning your case. This is why attorneys always demand payment up front.

If you use an attorney, you're paying only for his time, not winning results.

Court is for people who lack a winning strategy and good tactics.

Winning tactics get results, and often cost little or nothing. Winning tactics rely on common sense, not gimmicks, lawyers, courts, or lawsuits.

Winning tactics put you in control. You can manage your attorney or even go it alone and win.

Here are some divorce tactics you can apply right now

  • If you're still living with your wife, have your mail forwarded to a P.O. box so she can't intercept it.
  • Know how your divorce will affect your taxes. Who gets to claim the kids? Who gets to deduct in mortgage interest? Most men overlook taxes until it's too late.
  • Set up a college fund for the children and insist that 30% of your child support is directly deposited. You'll help your children and keep some of that money out of your wives hands. Think how bad she'll look if she objects.
  • Don't buy expensive life insurance to cover alimony or child support payments. Social Security likely does this for you already. In the event of your death, your dependants are covered. Check it out for yourself and drop that expensive life insurance policy.
  • To prevent your wife from hiring the one of the best attorneys in town, schedule a free consultation with them. Once you met with them, they can't ever represent your wife...even if you don't hire them. It's like she's on the blackball list.
  • Increase your lifestyle expenses to lower or avoid paying alimony.

There are so many common sense tactics that men can use without spending a dime. Best of all these tactics are easy, free, and get results.

Why don't more men use winning tactics? Because they don't know about them. We've all been mislead into thinking that divorce is a complex, expensive legal procedure. It isn't if you know a few good tactics.

Most men go into their divorce without any tactics. Don't make that mistake or it'll cost you big. Instead, use a few winning tactics that get results and drive your ex-wife nuts by turning the tables.

For more effective divorce tactics, as well as a complete, survival guide to all aspects of divorce, including how to effectively represent yourself, we suggest you take a look at Matt O'Connell's best selling guide, "No BS Divorce Strategies for Men."


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