How To Divorce Your Wife
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Should I Divorce My Wife?

Your marriage isn’t working, you're not happy, and you want out, so you ask yourself,"Should I Divorce my wife?"

If you answer,"Yes", the nextlogical questions are "How much will a divorce cost?" and "How longwill it take to become final?"

Both of those questions dependon several factors.

The first of the factors is forboth of you to agree on the terms.

If you can do that you have what's called an, "uncontested divorce," and most of the time thereason listed on the paperwork is, "irreconcilable differences," thecommon term for no one did anything wrong, we just don’t wantto be together anymore.

This is the fastest, cheapest,and least costly divorce.

Now, going this route alsorequires agreement between the two of you on how your assets, as wellas debts and other financial obligations such as taxes and mortgage,will be divided.

If you have children, custodyand visitation need to be settled to both you and your wife’ssatisfaction.

We won't kid you and say it'llbe easy, it won't be, but the money you'll save more than makes up forthe back and forth negotiations and hassles. Trust us, we've been there.

If you can get all these issuesresolved, then get a “Friendly Divorce Handbook&rd quo;from your state, where you will find instructions on how to get therequired forms, how to fill them out, and then filing with the rightcourt.

Your county website in will also have informationon how to file an uncontested divorce.

Now, how long it takes to get adivorce depends on how smoothly the process goes. If everything goeswell, your divorce should be final in six-months or less.

However, the time-frame dependson injunctions and thebacklog in the court system.

Another alternative is onlinedo-it-yourself divorces, which are offered through many websites.Typically you answer a series of questions and the online program fillsout the forms appropriate to your given state.

Once you print the forms andhave them notarized, you file them in court.

Some of these sites offer alegal review, which will cost you more money, but will give you thepeace of mind that all forms have been filled out correctly and yourinterests are protected.

Generally, this service costs around $250, but includes a review by a paralegal. Before you go this route we strongly suggest you do your research to make sure you'reusing a legitimate service.

Remember, the do-it-yourselfoption is only a good idea if your divorce is uncontested. If youcan’t come to an amiable agreement or your finances arecomplicated, the better choice is mediation.

In mediation, a neutral, thirdparty listens to both sides, identifies unresolved issues and workswith you to resolve these conflicts. Many divorce mediators areattorneys, so once an agreement is reached, it may be possible todirectly file the necessary paperwork.

However, if you do go thisroute it’s smarter to have a lawyer who represents yourinterests—not your wife’s—review theagreement reached through mediation before anything is finalized.

Some people will do or sayalmost anything to avoid conflict and you don’t wantsomething you agreed to at a mediation session in an uncomfortablemoment coming back to haunt you for the rest of your life.

It will cost you more to haveyour own lawyer, but not as much if you agree to somethingyou’ll regret. So when you ask yourself, Should I Divorce mywife?" take everything into consideration.

Now, for most men all of thisis overwhelming since very few of us have any knowledge of divorce lawor how the process really works.

What we need is someone who'sgone through a divorce and put together a list of shortcuts to thecritical parts of process before we contact a lawyer.

If you're one of those men, wesuggest Matt O'Connell's best selling guide, "NoBS Divorce Strategies for Men."as your starting point.


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