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The Cost Of a Divorce

The divorce cost in this country and around the world is rising rapidly.

While everyone knows this is an expensive and costly proposition, few people have a good grasp of just how much money it actually will end up setting you back, and where all of those different costs come from.

That's why it's so crucial to learn more ahead of time, so you know the divorce cost you could be facing, how it ends up that way, and how you may be able to avoid or reduce those costs along the way.

How Much Does a Divorce Cost?

There is a right way and a wrong way to divorce. Divorcing the right way should cost no more than $500; divorcing the old traditional wrong way will cost thousands and possibly tens of thousands.

The Cost of Getting Married

When couples marry, they have a choice: Spend $30,000+ on a lavish wedding with a gourmet meal for 300 guests, a live band, photographers, videographers, etc. or go to city hall and get married by the justice of the peace for $200.

Both represent a very different process, yet both get the same result; a marriage certificate.

How you get married can raise or lower your costs dramatically. The same is true for divorce.

Using lawyers and court will cost thousands. Using a divorce advocate will cost $500 or less.

Divorcing the Wrong Way

The main divorce cost divorcing the wrong way is the cost of legal representation.

Attorneys charge wildly divergent fees for divorces.

You may find a very affordable attorney at as little as $75 per hour, while other attorneys could charge $300 per hour, and more.

If a case will be uncontested, settled through out of court agreements or is otherwise not very complex, an attorney may charge a flat fee instead of an hourly fee, which keeps costs down.

Besides the legal fees which you will be paying, assuming you hire an attorney for legal representation, there also miscellaneous costs to consider.

These include things such as petitioning and courtroom fees, documentation fees, and much more.

If you hire a third party mediator, this could cost anywhere from $500 to several thousand dollars.

However, the mediator fees will likely be much less than the legal fees which would be required from a courtroom trial which drags on for days or even longer.

Still, a mediator isn't a guarantee that you get a resolution.

So, it's possible that you hire a mediator, pay their fee separately, and then still need to hire an attorney for courtroom representation.

Therefore, if you hire a mediator, you certainly want to be able to use that to find a successful resolution to the problem.

Average Cost of a Divorce

In the United States, the average cost of a divorce is about $15,000.

It's a ridiculously high number, and it makes not just the outcome of a divorce, but the process of a divorce, an extremely cumbersome and difficult thing to try to navigate and get through.

For many people it can prove to be a near insurmountable financial burden.

But of course, just because an average divorce might be in that range, it doesn't mean that yours will end up there.

For example, uncontested divorces may cost about ten times less, more in the $1,500 range.

Without hiring an attorney, the costs will be even lower, or though there will be nobody else looking out for your best interests.

Other Divorce Costs

Right at the top of the list of divorce costs has to be the actual division of property and assets.

Depending on how much the two of you earn, what you own together and what was brought into the relationship separately, there are many different potential outcomes.

Another huge factor is whether or not there were any prenuptial agreements in place.

Beyond splitting up physical assets such as homes and automobiles and investments, there are also allotments including alimony and child support, and concerns over health insurance.

These divorce costs can be decided through agreements and mediation, or can be decided by a judge in a trial, if it comes to that.

Of course, if you're getting divorced, it's important to not just consider the literal financial divorce cost, but also any other additional divorce costs which could arise.

Monetarily, this could include anything from moving and relocation costs to various other unforeseen expenses.

These aren't your attorney or court fees, but they are still financial costs as a result of the divorce.

From there though, divorce costs certainly also apply to the intangibles, and to the emotional and mental toll that the process takes.

The simple length and hassle of the process is a cost, and all of the stress and time involved.

There's a cost not just on the relationship with your former spouse, but with their family, and maybe even your friends depending on the circumstances of the split.

If there are children involved, obviously these additional "costs" are certainly magnified to a much greater degree.

Nobody ever said that divorce was easy. And certainly nobody ever said it was free.

Even knowing that though, it's important to be able to look at the real divorce cost which could be facing you.

This includes the legal fees to the potential loss of assets to additional intangible costs as well, and they are all important to consider before moving ahead with any proceedings.

Clearly, there is a huge range of different divorce costs, and it's something which can quickly spiral out of control financially and otherwise.

There are other potential solutions that are worth exploring though, and may be able to help you keep those costs down to a more reasonable figure.

Divorcing the Right Way

The best idea is to use a divorce advocate or a divorce coach to help guide you through the process.

This is much more affordable than hiring legal representation, but it still provides you with somebody who is there to watch your back so to speak.

So you'll get some help, and you'll know what to do, and how to try to protect your rights and best interests, which is better than being on your own.

But you'll have to handle the process yourself.

For many people, this is a fantastic way to save thousands and thousands of dollars, while not simply throwing caution to the wind and trying to handle your divorce without any help.

A coach will not only be able to guide you the process, but will be able to make recommendations for potential negotiations and settlements, and ways to appease both parties.

There's a lot to think about when it comes to the true divorce cost.

There's the monetary outlay, and then there's the lifestyle costs and the emotional burden and stress.

There are the legal fees, or alternatively, the much lower cost of hiring an advocate or coach, and then there are the literal petitioning, filing and court fees.

Don't go into any divorce proceeding blind, because you will absolutely be caught off guard in terms of the costs that keep on piling up.

Instead, arm yourself with as much of this information as you can so that you can look out for yourself, proactively keep costs down, and generally be in the know instead of being misguided or confused.

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