How To Divorce Your Wife
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Do Your Own Divorce

With people getting more and more informed and pro-active today, it's become much easier to do your own divorce and skip those hefty attorney's fees. But how do you do divorce, and will it be effective in the first place?

A case where you do your own divorce - also known as pro se in legalese - is very possible, and many guys have been doing it especially with the recession in full swing.

Some lawyers will even advise you to do your own divorce if the case is simple, there are no kids to discuss and few possessions to share.

You'll just have to get familiar with your jurisdiction's divorce laws yourself. The local library or court house are great places to start.

The procedure, however, is roughly the same for most areas. You get the forms from the county court house (where you're often expected to pay), fill those out, submit them and then wait for the court to process your request.


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Because the procedure in each court differs from the next, processing can take anywhere from one month to a little over six.

Alternatively, you could also get software that does much of the paperwork for you. Guys who've done the software-assisted route before say that using the computer for their own divorces was about as easy as using software to fill out their tax forms.

Once you have all the forms ready, email or hand deliver them to your local court house, which should take care of the rest.

Be warned, though, that legal representation is recommended if there are any custody or property issues to be settled.

Leaving yourself without legal representation for those particular battles could very well put you at a disadvantage, especially when it comes to loopholes and technicalities.

For the most part, though, you can do your own divorce as long as you know how to pick your battles.


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