Divorce Property Settlement
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Divorce Property Settlement

No two divorces are the same, particularly if it includes a divorce property settlement. For good or bad, every state is different and the laws in may not be the same in another state.

With that said, what you really want to do when divorce seems inevitable, is reach an agreement on property division before involving the judge.

Why? Because once the judge makes a decision it becomes part the final judgement and decree (J & D) and can be difficult to change, unless you can show your Ex has not held up her part of the decree.

Okay, consider yourself warned. :-)


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A Peaceful Divorce?

Contrary to what you may believe, your divorce can be settled out of court.

How? Simply by you and your Ex agreeing on all the terms, then meeting with a lawyer and splitting whatever fee they're charge you.

Now if you decide to use a lawyer for everything, both of you can talk things over with the lawyer and ask questions, such as who wants what type of property, who might pay any taxes, and if any alimony is going to be paid to one or the other participants.

Yes, Alimony - and of course, that means you.

Another question the lawyer will ask is if you have any children, how old are they, and which ones are old enough to decide which of you they want to live with.

If both of you agree a split is necessary and you already know where everything is going, here's the good news.

There are papers that can be filled out at the court house that allow both of you make your own rules.

This will save you court costs and other expenses involved in getting a legal marital property settlement.

However, this much freedom to dictate your own terms isn't available in all states.

Finding A Lawyer

All lawyer's work to get a decision from the court into a final agreement, first by themselves, lastly by judgment of the court.

Often decisions can be tough to make without the help of a lawyer, so shop around to find out what the rates are for each marital settlement lawyer.

Before you choose one it is a good idea to do your own research to find out how reputable the lawyer is and if they have lost more cases than they have won.

Finding one you are comfortable with should be important to you as well.

You can use the form below to find a lawyer in your area:

Lastly, you want to have a list of people involved in certain situations or with specific information that makes you look good for your side of the case.

When it comes to divorce, it's always best to have a few bullets in reserve - just in case you need them. . . .

People who try to do things themselves may let their emotions get the better of them and treat the opposing party badly during the divorce.

This is why you should seek out a lawyer well versed in property settlement, because every thing you want out of the divorce is recorded and notarized.

This is to avoid errors, which shows the court you're serious about the conditions in the j & D.

A good lawyer can help get you a good outcome and help prevent the ongoing and costly legal complications during the Divorce Property Settlement.