Questions To Ask a Divorce Lawyer
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Questions To Ask a Divorce Lawyer

Everybody should interview and have a list of questions to ask a divorce lawyer before making a decision. How you run your divorce will have a significant impact on the rest of your life.

Will you be starting over with nothing or assets?

Will you leave your marriage free and clear or will you be in the hook for child support and/or alimony?

If so, how much?

The lawyer you hire will affect the outcome of your divorce which will in turn affect the rest of your life. So hiring the right lawyer is important.

Hiring the wrong lawyer could be a mistake that you cost you each month for the rest of your life in unnecessary alimony or higher child support payments.

Not to mention the potential loss of assets and retirement benefits. Chose the right lawyer; the rest of your life depends on it!

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The first question men ask when searching for a good divorce lawyer is “What type of lawyer should I be looking for?”. You basically have two options:

1. An aggressive lawyer that will fight everything and have a take no prisoners attitude.

2. A Peace broker that will work to reach a deal by appeasing your wife to avoid conflict

So which type of lawyer is best for you? That depends on your personality type, the outcome your looking for, and the specifics of your case.

If you’re an aggressive kind of guy and your wife is after blood, the peace broker will drive you nuts.

You’ll quickly view him as a wimp as he tries to talk you in to giving in to your wife's demands. An aggressive attorney won’t take any BS from your wife or her attorney.

While this might make you feel good in the short run, keep in mind that an aggressive attorney may not necessarily get you the results you’re looking for.

Just because and aggressive attorney fights your wife at every turn doesn’t mean you’ll win the argument in court, which is where most men with an aggressive attorney end up because reaching a settlement becomes difficult.

Aggressive attorneys will also cost you more because they bill by the minute and argue every issue.

The peace broker on the other hand will try to reach an agreement and avoid conflict by asking you to agree on many issues. Sometimes a peace broker can “give away the store”.

Many men who hire peace brokers often feel that their attorney isn’t fighting for them and become frustrated and confused by the process as nothing seems to be going their way.

The best attorney is one that is a mix of an aggressor and a peace broker. The great attorneys argue when the offer is unfair, but urge you to broker a deal when it’s in your best interest to do so.

This type of attorney is hard to find, but they do exist.

How do you know whether the lawyer your interviewing is an aggressor or a peace broker? You need to ask. Here are some great questions to ask a divorce lawyer:

1. What type of lawyer are you, an aggressor or a peace broker?

2. What experience do you have handling “X” issue. What has the outcome been?

3. Given my situation, what do you expect the outcome to be on issues X, Y, and Z?

4. What is your hourly rate?

If you really want to know what questions to ask a divorce lawyer and how to select a great one and manage them to get the results you deserve, read Matt O’Connell’s advice by Clicking Here.