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Divorce Advice For Men


Many men get trapped in the Divorce Maze of lawyers, court and endless negotiation.  Break through the Divorce Maze!  Your divorce doesn't have to be a costly, complex legal process.  Your divorce can be resolved quickly for just a few hundred dollars without hiring lawyers or going to court.

Divorce Services

Divorce Coaching

Personal 1-on-1 divorce coaching.  All your questions answered.  Personal strategy just for you.

Video Course + Coaching

The video course plus personal 1-on-1 divorce coaching.  This is the complete, comprehensive package

 Divorce Mediation

Work with Divorce Mediator to reach a negotiated out of court settlement with your wife.


We'd be happy to take 15 minutes to explain why our unique approach is so much better than relying on lawyers and divorce court or going it alone.  We offer private 1-on-1 coaching,  a comprehensive online course, or both.  Let's talk about which option is best for you.

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