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 Personal Divorce Advice


The Future of Divorce is Here

Personal 1-on-1 Divorce Advice

Hiring an attorney and engaging in months of stressful legal negotiations is how most people conduct their divorce.  This method is largely unchanged since the 1950's.  Hiring a lawyer and slugging it out in court has become obsolete in this modern era.


The Smart Way to Divorce


Working with a divorce expert to quickly negotiate a collaborative settlement is the new way to divorce.  This modern approach renders lawyers obsolete and makes court appearances unnecessary.  Your divorce could be over in a week for less than $200 without using lawyers and without going to court.

Quick, Cheap, and Convenient 

  • Quick: Get a written settlement on the table in just a few days

  • Cheap: Settle your divorce for just a few hundred dollars

  • Convenient: Speak with a divorce expert from the convenience of your own home or office.  Evening & weekend appointments are available.



  • Conduct your divorce from the convenience of your home or office using your phone and the internet 

  • Answers to all your divorce related questions

  • Expert advice on what steps to take right now

  • An analysis of your financial situation (Alimony, Assets, Retirement Plans, Child  Support, Taxes, etc.)

  • A written divorce settlement in less than a week

  • Proven strategies to avoid lawyers and court 

Sign up today, and let's get started.  Evening and weekend appointments are available.    

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