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 Comprehensive Divorce Advice


Complete Divorce Information

Become a Divorce Expert in a Weekend


The Total Divorce Expert Package

The complete Divorce Course + 1-hour phone consultation



This is the information every man going through a divorce should have.  You'll have access to everything you need so you'll become an expert quickly.   This is the package that I wish I had before I went through my own divorce. 


The Smart Way to Divorce


Educating yourself on any topic is the best way to succeed.  This is especially true when it comes to divorce.  When you're an expert on the topic, you can confidently handle any situation.  When you have all the answers, your stress melts away.  All the techniques are discussed and demonstrated on video.  You can revisit specific video lessons as often as needed.  It's like having a divorce lawyer in your pocket.  

Quick, Cheap, and Convenient 

  • Quick: Instant access to all the Divorce Course Videos on every divorce topic.  You'll become a divorce expert within hours.

  • Cheap: Settle your divorce for just a few hundred dollars.  Become an expert for less than the cost of just one hour with an attorney.  You'll greatly reduce, if not eliminate all your legal fees.

  • Convenient: Watch the video lessons on your schedule.  Then get expert divorce advice over the phone or Skype from the convenience of your own home or office.  Evening & weekend appointments are available.



  • Instant access to the complete divorce course.  Become a divorce expert within hours. 

  • Conduct your divorce from the convenience of your home or office using your phone and the internet 

  • Answers to all your divorce related questions.  If you don't find the answer in the videos, ask any questions in the follow up phone conference.  One way or another, you'll get all the answers and have a great strategy

  • Expert advice on what steps to take right now to develop a winning strategy

  • Know what mistakes to avoid

  • An analysis of your financial situation (Alimony, Assets, Retirement Plans, Child  Support, Taxes, etc.)

  •  You'll have everything you need to settle your divorce in less than a week

  • Learn how to manage your lawyer like a seasoned pro

  • Proven strategies to avoid lawyers and court 

Sign up today, and let's get started.  Evening and weekend appointments are available.    

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