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Divorce Mediation Online

Are you considering divorce mediation? If not, you should be. When people get married, they have two options: some people choose to have a large, expensive wedding, while others choose to get married at the justice of the peace for just a few hundred dollars.

In both cases, the end result is the same; both couples obtain a valid marriage license. But one couple took months of planning spent tens of thousands while the other couple spent just a few hundred and married in a week. This same concept also applies in divorce. Your divorce can take months and cost thousands or your divorce can be settled quickly without lawyers and court for just a few hundred dollars. It all depends on your approach.

It comes down to control. Do you want to be in control of your own life or would you rather have some randomly assigned judge dictate your future? When you go to court, there is no negotiating. A judge will impose their decision on you after a court hearing. If you’re OK letting some randomly assigned judge determine your future, then hire a lawyer and go to court. If however, you’d like some control over the rest of your life, then choose mediation instead of court. You’ll not only get a better deal, you’ll also save thousands and in legal fees.

In mediation, you’re in control throughout the entire process. You get to initiate proposals and decide whether or not to accept proposals from your spouse. In mediation, the mediator leads the negotiations and helps you and your spouse find common ground. At the end of the negotiations, you’re free to accept a win-win settlement or you’re free to walk away. You can never have a bad deal imposed on you. Mediation is all upside with no risk. And if mediation fails, the lawyers, judges, and courts aren’t going anywhere. By trying mediation, you don’t give up your right to court, so you have nothing to lose by trying mediation first.

I’ve been mediating divorces since 2005. My approach is unique because I help couples reach a settlement that’s fair to both parties as quickly as possible...often in about a week or so. Additionally, my clients negotiate from the comfort and convenience of their own home.

In an era when you can stream movies instantly and shop from home, why should you have to take time off from work and drive across town to sit in a conference room with your soon to be ex-spouse. Many people find that experience awkward. At a minimum, it’s inconvenient.

Why not attend your mediation session from your couch, office, or from wherever you’re most comfortable. If you own a phone, you have everything you need. We can either conduct the mediation session on a conference voice call or via video call. The choice is yours. Worksheets and documents can be shared instantly online.

Most mediators charge $200-$300 per hour. I charge only $99 per hour. Additionally, I do everything I can to help you and your spouse settle your as quickly as possible in order to minimize your total hours.

Look at it this way, if mediation is successful, you’ll settle your divorce quickly and fairly for just a few hundred dollars. Even if you don’t reach an agreement in mediation, at a minimum, you’ll have everything you need in order to be well prepared for court, thereby reducing your legal expenses.

I offer mediation that’s effective, efficient, reasonably priced, and super convenient. You won’t find a better value anywhere. I also offer evening and weekend appointments. Please sign up at the button below and we can get started as soon as you’re ready. I look forward to working with you soon. Click HERE to learn more.

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